Capacitor Decade

Vintage Cornell-Dubilier Decade Capacitor Box Model CDB3 .01 to 1.1 uFAntique Stansi capacitor decade box 1 mfd to 8 mft 600 voltVintage 1983 Cornell-Dubilier Electronics Decade Capacitor model CDBGeneral Radio Type 1419-A Polystyrene Decade CapacitorGeneral Radio Polystyrene Decade Capacitor Box 1419-AGeneral Radio Decade Capacitor 1412-bcHeathkit Vintage Decade Condenser Capacitor Model DC-1 USEDGENERAL RADIO 1412-BC DECADE VARIABLE CAPACITOR - CAPACITANCE -See YouTube VideoYHP 4440B Decade Capacitor1uF to 9999uF Step-1uF Four Decade Programmable Capacitor Board, 35Vdc.GENERAL RADIO GENRAD COMPANY 1419-M DECADE CAPACITORHeathkit IN-3127 Decade Capacitor with ManualCORNELL-DUBILIER DECADE CAPACITOR MODEL CDA-5 600V DC MAX 220V AC MAXCORNELL-DUBILIER CDA-5 CAPACITOR DECADE .0001 to .0011 by .0001 BAKELITEcornell- dubilier cdb3 decade capacitor substitution box--- vintageCornell - Dubilier Decade Capacitor CDC 5 Micofarads UsedDecade Resistor Type: 0510-464 Level A-C 6625-996-9574CDE DECADE CAPACITOR MODEL CDE 5 220V AC MAX. 600V DC MAX.GENERAL RADIO TYPE 219-M DECADE CONDENSER/CAPACITOR 0.001uf 0.01uf 0.1uf STEPSOriginal Vintage Cornell-Dubilier Decade Capacitor CDA-5 and 1 6 wire extension 1nF to 9999nF Step-1nF Four Decade Programmable Capacitor Board.IET Labs CS-190GAC Capacitance Substituter Decade Capacitor ex-Navy CORNELL DUBILIER CDA-5 DECADE CAPACITOR TESTED .0001uF - .01uF 600VDC 220VACGENERAL RADIO 219-M DECADE RESISTOR 0.001uf 0.01uf 0.1uf STEPS TESTED *READ*